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OrthopaedicsOrthopaedics department of Moral Hospital is committed to provide world class orthopaedics services to our precious patients. The hospital offers specialized patient care for the cases of complex trauma, poly-trauma and related sub-specialities. The hospital provides management for all disorders of bone, joint and a variety of musculo-skeleton disorders.
Following are some of the procedures that we take care.

1. Joints
2. Knees
3. Hips
4. Shoulder Replacement
5. Arthritis
6. Custom Implant Surgeries
7. Sports Injuries
8. Knee, Shoulder and Ankle Arthroscopy
9. Recurrent Shoulder dislocation
10. Rotator Cuff Repair
11. Subacrominal Decompression

We also have experienced specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of Hand and upper limb Surgery, which includes management of Hand Fractures, soft tissues of hand, mal united fractures, infections of hand and upper limb crush, hand injuries, tendon, reconstruction, tumors of hand and upper limb, congenital deformity, rheumatoid hand, soft tissue affections, elbow, radial head and joint replacement.